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The Jeff Mossey Memorial show held on the 27th of March 2004 at Paychecks Lounge in Hamtramck Michigan.

Click here to check out the Jeff Mosses Memorial page for the 2004 show.



We wound up with a pretty good showing all day.  It's a sad thing to have to come together to remember Jeff in this way but it's so good to see so many people come out and get into the music that his friends and family make.

But with all the people that did show up we still did not top the $834.00 that we made for the Dustman's last year to help pay for final expenses.  This year we only raised $666.32 according to Dusty.  The $.32 was donated by Spleena from Bill.  It was all she had on her at the time.

This years precedes will be donated to the Harbor Light Center of Detroit.  This is a service of the Salvation Army.


  We the bands would like to thank the following people:

Paycheck, Debbie, Aaron Lawless, Mama "T", John & the other sound guy, Dave & Michelle, Chocking Susan (Colleen, Keith & Joe), Jeff Lynn @ Michigan Punk Bands .com, Kurt Q. Donut, extra special thanks to Dennis & Rob for running the door, all the Paychecks regulars for letting us jam, Mr. Brown for additional photo's, Fred & Christa, Johnny & Jeannette, Cheese Pit & Jane Doe, Butter, Donkey Woman, Whitey's Dad, Donny & Avery, Mike Prevost, Cary, (No thanks to Wendy's in Ham-town fro not serving us), Melinda (Sara's mom), Dusty has 5 words for the Bomb Pops;  Good Luck with your band..., and Flat Broke want to send an extra special thanks to the Bomb Pops for surrendering their spot, Rob, A.J. (Action Jackson?) & Dave for more help at the door when Dennis was busy jammin', Randy & Marsh-mello, and finally to Jeff for being such a good friend to so many.  Thanks for being a part of our lives.



We're done doing these big show's for Jeff.  The Dustman's have decided to just have a regular old house party from here on out.  Nice and simple.  That's the way Jeff would have wanted it.  Thank you all.